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NetzChef Airline Catering Management System (ACMS) provides a complete solution to handle all
factes of your in - flight catering planning, on-board sales and reports.

NetzChef helps plan Meals for the day/date of the year. Simple drag and drop facility to plan the meal combo’s according to business rules. Also plan meals for Buy on Board, in-flight Crew members and host of unique services if any. This is seamlessly integrated to the Tablet Application which Crew members can use to carry out Inventory Check, Report differences, End to end Sale of Inventories/Merchandise and provide Individual/Group reports for reconciliation.

NetzChef ACMS is an intuitive and standalone solution with powerful features, flexible configuration, comprehensive functionality and compatible with most of standard airline booking engine, SAP etc. NetzChef App works both with and without WiFi.

NetzChef In-flight Crew App is a feature rich and highly accessible screen layout that does the job with minimal operations. It is one of the most advanced apps of its kind with clear and sensible layout. This is really an indispensable app for a cabin crew member to handle passengers effectively. The App displays if the passenger is a Loyalty club Member, Points Balance, Wallet Balance, Male/Female/Child, Specialy assisted, Special category seats, VIP, Corporate, Staff etc details that Helps the crew to proactively treat the passengers accordingly.

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Airline Catering Management System (ACMS)

    A comprehensive solution

  • Manage meal planning across all sector and flights.
  • Accelerate supply loading.
  • Elimination costly errors and delays .
  • Brings accountability across all users .
  • Provide an effective redemption option to members in-flight .
  • Control inventory,reduce loss .
  • Speed up pre and post flight checks .
  • Interact effectively with catering partners .

    Easy to use and easy to learn

  • Simple ,intuitive user interface
  • Minimal amount of training required
  • Quick employee and partner adoption rates
  • 24/7 teach and customer support
  • Improves overall communication and service level
  • Cabin crew instantly locate everything on board, from special meals to extra supplies

    Accurate and valuable reporting

  • In-flight Sale reports, Inventory summaries
  • Wastage and carry forward reports for Perishable & Non-perishables.
  • Share reports and settle with catering partners.
  • Automatically emails reports to catering manager, catering vendor and respective heads.

    Comprehensive and powerful functionality

  • Automate meal ordering .
  • Customize for multiple aircraft configurations and flight types Implement real-time revisions and alerts to caterers.
  • Deliver special instructions as needed, including special meals.
  • Create feedback mechanism for in-flight staff .
  • Manage approvals and confirmations .
  • Manage inventory, restocking, ordering and offloading.
  • Easy to update and modify by authorized airline personnel .
  • Standardized or ad hoc reporting.

    Fully customized to your specific business needs

  • Rapid, flexible configuration for any airline
  • Scales easily for growth, custom features, and functions
  • Quickly configure the contents of every drawer, canister and trolley
  • Adjust for variations in galley positions and equipment configurations
  • Prepare customized labels complete with your logo and loading instructions
  • Manage your catering inventory with specific product codes, pictures and descriptions

    Improves overall efficiency and profitability

  • Monitor and control operational functions in In-flight catering, Menu planning and Galley loading.
  • Provides cost visibility and control.
  • Optimize procurement process.
  • Improves efficiency and operational time.
  • Process automation leads to productivity gains.
  • Improves on-time performance.
  • Reduces turnaround time of galley load plans.

    Improves overall efficiency and profitability

  • Better reporting and tracking for the contract release orders, uplift orders, schedule lines created against contract/scheduling agreement.
  • Increasing the reliability and maximum use of inventory.
  • Reduction in inventory and inventory carrying cost in the Long Run.
  • Instant access to information to improve operations and increase efficiency.
  • Better Quality Control and Management.
  • Almost nullify pilferages and overcome revenue loss.