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Digital e-Wallet & Prepaid Gift Cards Platform

Loyalty Steps

Digital Onboarding

CustomerInspire Mobile application
Master Card

Wallet Models

    Digital or mobile wallets enable transactions to be initiated by a mobile device at a point of sale (POS), online or in-app.
    CI supports different wallet models that use a variety of online & hardware technology platforms, processes, and security tools:

  • Device-centric mobile proximity wallet – NFC , Magnetic Secure Transmission
  • Device-centric mobile in-app wallet -EMV payment tokenization and issuer ID&V for an in-app payment (ecommerce “in-app” and browser-based tokenized mobile payments)
  • Card-not-present card-on-file wallet - Offline Mode Payment tokenization.
  • QR code wallet -cloud-based and device-agnostic.
  • Digital checkout wallet – Wallet / Gift Card payment gateway.

Wallet Features

  • Interactin methd for proximity payments: contactless NFC, QR code, MST
  • Storage f payent credentials: handset secure element (SE), Host Card Emulation (HCE)/cloud, card-on-file
  • Paymentoptins: proximity in-store payment, in-app, remote e-commerce or m-commerce (web browser).
  • Acceptncemode: card/device present, card not present. The choice made affects the cost of acceptance for the merchant.
  • Paymet redential use: staged or pass-through wallet –
    1. The payment credential presented to the merchant in a staged wallet is a front end for the funding source.
    2. A pass-through wallet uses a stored payment credential for transactions. The wallet stores the payment credential and only passes it along when the cardholder initiates a transaction with a merchant.
  • Pusho pull payment: Traditional card payments are pull—the consumer authorizes the merchant to pull payment from the consumer’s account
  • Usef PAN or token – Based on wallet mode and implementation at store or online.

Merchant Instore Support App

CustomerInspire Loyalty mobile application

Wallet support features

  • Acceptance - Quick Transaction Time - Tap Card & Pay.
  • 24x7 assistance – A hosted solution with Dedicated support Center to service calls.
  • Security – OTP, PIN & Signature-based security.
  • Denominations - The freedom to pay in any denomination of choice, unlike the paper voucher system.
  • Easy Loading and Reloading - The card can be reloaded according to the brand instructions.
  • Alerts - Customers receive alerts via Mobile App & SMS , WhatsApp and push notification as and when the card is reloaded & Debited.
  • Easy Tracking - The user-friendly Mobile App & web interface allows the customer to track the load, spends and status of each and every transaction.
  • Zero lost-card liability - On reporting of loss of the card, the card is disabled for any transaction. At the card holder's request, the amount balance from the old card is transferred to the new card with a click of a button by Admin or support center .
  • Multiple Card Types – A unique feature were brands can create multi types of card and differential Card balance & privileges including discount cards.
  • Supports Real Cash & Promo Cash.
  • Refund based on various service deductions & setup fees.
  • Discount Card – set multiple usage criteria's and card , balance ,usage expiry.
  • Digital Coupon based gift cards & E-gift Cards.
  • Gift a friend using SMS & Balance transfer.

Customer activation –Use case

New Customer - Mobile App

Instead of filling out the form on the mobile web, they download mobile app and register.

New Customer - Other Channels - Chatbot

Instead of filling out the form on web/app, use chatbot to register and add card. Chatbots(Mobile App, FB Messenger, Twitter DM, Instagram DM) have the added advantage of pulling in profile details from these messenger handles, with member permission, thus minimizing user input required for profile completeness.

New Card - Service Desk

Fill out a form and head to customer service desk, who will hand over a card, swipe the card to register in INACTIVE status, update the card in the document and register the customer (immediately / later ) using web app or mobile app for customer service desk.

Existing customer - no card

1) Customer registered already on web portal/mobile app/chatbot but no card
2) At store, picks out a card and swipes at checkout
3) Later logs into web/mobile to add the card. Existing txns already counted to account

Customer activation –Checkout Counter

    New Customer - Checkout Counter
  • New customer picks up a card at the store or Online.
  • Registers at checkout by giving a mobile number and swipes ( efficiency at checkout and helps move the Q very fast).
  • Customer is registered in 'INACTIVE' status. Cannot redeem in this status.
  • Cashier swipes the card to redeem the gift card or earn on this transaction.
  • System sends out an SMS with a link – for digital onboarding on a mobile no based signup.
  • Customer clicks on the link and fills out a form to activate. As part of this her/his email id captured, Customer now in 'ACTIVE' status.
  • Now the customer is also a web-portal customer. Web portal also has links to download mobile apps.

  • New Customer - Check out counter - Needs assistance
  • Instead of registering from the SMS, is redirected by the checkout executive to customer service desk to complete registration.

API Based Brand App Digital Payments

Customer Inspire loyalty processes