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CustomerInspire is an industry leader in providing Data-centric customer loyalty, Consumer Analytics, and engagement platform.

Our Products are built using cutting edge AI/ML techniques with feature-rich and seamlessly integrated campaign management tools to provide unlimited flexibility in creating and managing loyalty and rewards campaigns.

Netzsky – Our Merchant Connect Marketplace, is designed to stitch together and manage a variety of alliance partnerships of varying complexity and integration including banks, payment networks, eCommerce, and other lifestyle and retail brands. Architected and built cloud-native from tground up, NetzSKy offers its clients the ability to combine multiple cross sponsorships and offers from partners and dish out a unique and delightful experience to their customers.

Netzsky platform effortlessly navigates co-branded cards from banks and other financial service providers for its clients. Deeply integrated into the booking engines of airline clients, Netzsky offers unrestricted and creative inventory management, thus liberating airlines from the shackles of traditional reward seat restrictions.

NetzChef - Innovative Digital Inflight tab mobile application, which seamlessly connects to passenger reservations and optimizes onboard sales using predictive analytics - delivering better efficiency and accountability across the eco-system, Increasing Ancillary Revenue, not to mention, enabling you to stand out among the crowd.

Apart from airlines, CustomerInspire also offers customer loyalty and customer engagement solutions to retail and telco clients, driving customer stickiness, deep diving into their customer spend patterns using predictive analytics, unlocking growth opportunities and monetizing the brand value of big enterprises wherever suitable and desirable.

We are experts at leveraging our experience in multiple verticals to bring cross-vertical best practices into a target vertical.